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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Nickolas Muray, 1952

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Nickolas Muray, 1952

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“Oh, it’s nobody’s fault but my own! I was looking up… it was the nearest thing to heaven! You were there…”

An Affair To Remember (1957)

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“Elizabeth went off mysteriously with Jimmy each evening, and none of us could figure out where they went. They would arrive for dinner together. She would sit in the balcony next to him during rushes and then they would slip away for what seemed like most of the night.”

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Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal (x)

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Nicole Kidman, photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue US, May 2004.

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new international poster for Only God Forgives, 2013. [x]

new international poster for Only God Forgives, 2013. [x]

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Text 6 May 3 notes 365 Day Film Challenge - Week 19

Getting back on track…

  • L’ Illusioniste (2010)
    I enjoyed it a lot. I loved how colourful and lively the animation was and enjoyed the story.

  • On The Waterfront (1954)
    Fantastic film to watch on May Day. Marlon Brando and Elia Kazan were incredible. 

  • Trance (2013)
    I thought the plot needed tightening. I didn’t like the fact that there were so many plot twists in the last act of the film that made you forget that the previous acts were kinda shit. Still enjoyable though. It gets quite intense. 

  • Black Swan (2010)
    What’s there to say? It’s one of my absolute favourite films of all time. I fucking love this film.
  • Giulietta degli Spiriti (1965)
    Very mysterious with its rather oblique plot but sublimely colourful. Also the camera work is just a dream. The dubbing however, present in most Fellini films, wasn’t done that well on this one I thought and put me off the film. But still it’s pretty amazing. 

Text 6 May 2 notes 365 Day Film Challenge - March & April Recap
Text 6 May 1 note 365 Day Film Challenge - Weeks 10-18

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